Tejido Conectivo

glyburide micronase Mössingen  Luis Macias & Adriana Vila
16mm / super8 / 8mm. Optical, magnetic and digital sound. 55 min (variable time).


Experimental analogical live projections with multiple super8, 8mm and 16mm projectors. Tejido conectivo is conceived as changeable installations and / or film performances made of found home movies. Projected as simultaneous overlapping stories, Tejido Conectivo focuses on the creative recycling of unknown memories, and celebrates the materiality of cinema making visible the hole process of projection and manual intervention, creating the appearance of visual and audio atmospheres live.

This project has won an artist residency in Can Xalant, a production grant from CoNCA Consell Nacional de las Artes, and a travel support from Instut Ramon llull.

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