paxlovid cost france San Vito dei Normanni  35mm //  1.1:33 // B/W // 9:00 min / Dolby Soundround 5.1

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Kirkby in Ashfield order paxlovid nyc Based on the film THE KISS (T. Edison 1896) in its original 35mm format, this video-film project is based on a structural re-shooting and re-recording of the original film in all the existing formats: analog, electronic and digital,  in an evolutive form.

The film is a reiteration of the act of kissing. The emphasis on the kiss, repeated and multiplied, while deteriorated in it’s own progress.

The history of the evolution of formats through a kiss. An intimate and aesthetic relationship between media and audiovisual formats.

Vie et i mort dune image par Ouennassa Khiari



Le 102, Grenoble, 2019
19th Independent Show Edition, Napoli, 2019
Light Field, San Francisco, USA, 2019
Una breve historia del cine diferente, Faro Aragon, Mexico, 2017
PROCESS Experimental Film Festival, Riga; Latvia, 2017
Screen Compositions – Experimental Intermedia NY, Usa. 2017
KORT Film Festival, Leuven. Belgica. 2015
Márgenes del Cine Español. Festival de Toulouse, Francia, 2015
FESTIVAL INTERNACIONA DE CINE DE VALDIVIA, Chile, 2015 Ultracinema Fest. de cine experimental y found footage, México, 2015
BELO HORIZONTE Film Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brasil,2015
SILHOUETTE Festival, Paris, Francia, 2015
EXIS, Seoul, Korea, 2015
VILA DO CONDE Film Festival, Oporto, Portugal,2105
ANN ARBOR  Film Festival, MI, Usa, 2015
CROSSROADS 2015, San Francisco Cinematheque.
L´ALTERNATIVA, Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona.